Hi all , there I try to solve the puzzle of travel when you has less money and you want to make every penny to count it. Regular travel can understand this how they have wasted so much money which worth is less and they can do it with less money and the new traveler will definitely praise it with

  • Pre-plan the travel

Always plan the travel in advance if you think to go for vacation travel it is pretty easy can check flight charges/ hotel booking/ food arrangements/ historical places like museum all can be booked in advance and this would cost pretty low rather than doing on the same day.

  • Chose the off season

Another point which really save around 30% on hotel and travel if you choose to travel in off season. Off season is a period when people not willing to travel this period so hotel and travel companies are provide high discounts on it. You can get best deals with less money spending on it. I personally like this idea and try to avail this.

  • Use public transport

To understand a city and their people effectively one need to use public transport to roam in the place. It really help you to explore the true nectar of the place you get to know the all the place which are not get the enough popularity on travel portals. Most of the city buses/tubes/trams providing daily passes with multiple ride within a day or weekend.

  • Stay with breakfast/dinner or both

Tourist places has usually high price market from food to clothing or souvenirs and food is some thing which not advisable to skip. So while booking hotel it is better to book with complementary breakfast or dinner. If hotel charge it that is ok because if you compare the prices on other places it would be reasonable.

  • See travel vlogs

Another superb idea is to first see the place with someone’s eyes. So go to you tube or other travel channels and see the place. You will get fair ideal and information of the places and it this would help you to explore the things easily there. This will also mentally prepare you for the most of the excitements there.

  • Travel in a smaller group

Traveling alone is fun and also in a bigger group but you want to maximize the enjoyment then traveling in a small 2-4 person is greater. A good place with good company make the moments memorable forever. So before going ask your partner/friend/colleague to join.

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